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Community Health Centers

Supporting Pennsylvania's health centers in increasing access to quality primary health care for all

Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers Committees

Supporting health centers through member participation.

Much of the work and discussion that supports our goals, priorities and activities on behalf of health centers occurs in our committees.  Participants in our committees have the opportunity to offer feedback and insights that inform and influence policy and advocacy, hear the latest information, guide and evaluate our activities and truly make a difference.  All Organizational Members may serve as a member of a committee.  Anyone interested in learning more about a particular committee, serving, or recommending someone else to serve can reach out using the staff links below.  Committees generally meet every other month by conference call.

Our Committees

The Clinical Services Committee supports the continuous quality improvement efforts of Pennsylvania’s health centers to provide whole person-centered integrated care, form inter-professional relationships, and position health centers as providers of choice in their communities and the state.

  • Promote whole system integration and care coordination related to whole person care
  • Identify and prioritize training, education and resources to support the needs of health center clinicians
  • Evaluate and help prioritize PACHC clinical and quality initiatives
  • Guide development and implementation of the clinical services and quality sections of the PACHC strategic plan
  • Offer suggestions on policy, regulatory and legislative changes that would support continuous quality improvement by health centers 

Contact Cheryl Bumgardner to join the Clinical Services Committee.

The Finance Committee safeguards the fiscal health and regulatory conduct of PACHC by providing input for sound fiscal management of the association through financial review, financial policy updates, and budgetary oversight.

  • Provide fiscal direction and recommendations to the Board of Directors to ensure organizational fiscal stability
  • Prudent management of organizational assets and investments
  • Monitor PACHC’s compliance with applicable federal & state regulations and grants management guidelines

Contact Julie Korick to join the Finance Committee.

The Legislative, Regulatory and Policy Committee supports the advancement of PACHC’s legislative and policy agenda with public officials at both the national and state level.

  • Monitor legislation and regulatory policy of importance to health centers at both the national and state levels and its impact on health centers
  • Participate in and encourage grassroots advocacy activities by PACHC members, health center staff and patients
  • Recommend legislation and policy priorities that would benefit health centers in Pennsylvania
  • Guide PACHC in improving membership participation in PACHC- and NACHC-sponsored advocacy activities
  • In conjunction with advice of PACHC’s contract lobbyist, provide guidance to PACHC on advocacy strategy and priorities

Contact Eric Kiehl to join the Legislative, Regulatory and Policy Committee.

The Value in Membership Committee monitors and make recommendations to improve the value of PACHC membership and to support a strong and stable membership base and dues revenue.

  • Maintain a stable membership base
  • Ensure “return on investment” through member benefits and services
  • Support the financial condition of PACHC through revenue from dues and fees
  • Evaluate member needs through survey, discussion and feedback
  • Evaluate current and potential affinity relationships and corporate memberships

Contact Andrea Wandling to join the Membership Committee.

The Payment Policy Committee guides PACHC’s advocacy efforts for payment policy that supports health center financial stability and prevents financial hardship and ensures appropriate payment from all payor types to Community Health Centers

  • Monitor and analyze any new or proposed payment policy—especially Medicaid, Medicare and CHIP—for its impact on health centers
  • Provide guidance to PACHC on development of resources, education and support to enhance revenue cycle management
  • Provide feedback to PACHC on payment policy, regulatory and legislative barriers to health center financial health
  • Communicate payment policy status, potential threats and problems to PACHC

Contact Julie Korick to join the Payment Policy Committee.

The Program Committee guides PACHC’s efforts in the development of meaningful and relevant education, training and networking programs for PACHC members.

  • Assist with identification of cutting-edge topics and high-quality speakers for the annual conference and clinical summit, the spring meeting and stand-alone training
  • Evaluate effectiveness of PACHC education and training initiatives and offer recommendations for improvement
  • Provide input on geographic locations, dates and times of annual conference and clinical summit and stand-alone trainings
  • Offer recommendations to enhance networking among members
  • Provide recommendations on alternative methods of education and training delivery
  • Recommend potential sponsors for the PACHC Annual Conference & Clinical Summit

Contact Amanda Tekely to join the Program Committee.

The Workforce Committee guides PACHC’s efforts to support workforce recruitment and retention by Pennsylvania health centers as “employers of choice.”

  • Identify and prioritize health center education, technical assistance and support needs related to recruitment and retention as well as human resources
  • Monitor and offer suggestions on policy, regulatory, and legislative changes that would enhance and/or impact workforce recruitment and retention
  • Provide input and insight into recruitment networking and career fairs
  • Evaluate effectiveness of PACHC workforce initiatives, particularly the Pennsylvania Primary Care Career Center

Contact Judd Mellinger-Blouch to join the Workforce Committee.