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Jan. 8, 2021 Outreach and Enrollment News

Author: Amanda Tekely/Wednesday, January 13, 2021/Categories: Outreach News

Pennie Updates and Feedback Requested

We are in the final days of Open Enrollment for 2021, which ends on Jan. 15, 2021. As of Jan, 3, 324,077 consumers have enrolled in coverage through our state-based marketplace, Eighty-one percent of enrollment was from auto or active renewals from current consumers. 72,710 consumers were either transferred to the Department of Human Services for Medicaid Eligibility Determinations or from Medicaid to Pennie for enrollment consideration. These numbers were provided to stakeholders at Pennie’s Monthly Outreach and Education workgroup which convenes the first Wednesday of each month. To be added to the invitation list, email Charles Angelo, Pennie MarComm Manager. The Outreach and Education Workgroup is gathering feedback from assisters on the total enrollment experience thus far. It is vitally important your feedback be recognized and captured to inform decisions made by the Pennie Board of Directors and staff. Please complete the Pennie Stakeholder Feedback Survey by clicking here

The Tale of Two Numbers

Individuals registered with the PA Insurance Department to perform Assister services through PACHC’s Pennie contract received a 6-digit registration number with an expiration date after completing Pennie training and fingerprinting. This 6-digit number is a unique identifier through the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. Assisters who have claimed their Pennie Assister Accounts were also issued a unique 10-digit Assister Number. This Pennie Assister Number is to be used when calling the Pennie Assister Line to report issues and track your enrollment activity. To view this number, go to:

  • Assister Log In
  • Pennie Assister Dashboard
  • My Information
  • Certification status
  • Assister Number

Your Hard Work Counts

The Uniform Data System (UDS) reporting period for 2020 began on Friday, Jan. 1 and extends through Feb. 15, 2021. With HRSA Outreach and Enrollment funding rolled into health center base grants it is important now more than ever that outreach, enrollment and education assistance provided by designated staff be captured and counted. Enrollment assistance is typically categorized as part of Health Center Enabling Services. Enabling services are non‐clinical services that support the delivery of basic health services and facilitate access to comprehensive patient care as well as social services. They include case management, benefit counseling or eligibility assistance, health education and supportive counseling, interpretation, outreach, transportation and education of patients and the community regarding the availability and appropriate use of health services and insurance coverages. In the 2020 UDS Reporting Instructions for 2020 Health Center Data, Enrollment Assistance is documented on Appendix E: Other Data Elements: Question 3. 


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