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Governing from the Community Perspective

One of the unique features of an FQHC or FQHC Look-Alike is its governance.  Board of directors at Community Health Centers reflect the personality, culture and needs of the community served.

River Vally Ribbon Cutting

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has outlined several governance requirements related to board authority, function, composition and responsibilities.
  • The health center governing board maintains appropriate authority to oversee the operations of the organization. 
  • The health center governing board is composed of individuals, a majority (51 percent) of whom are patients receiving health care at the health center.
  • The board must be representative of the community being served in terms of demographic factors such as race, ethnicity, and sex and include representation from any special populations served.
  • Health center bylaws must be established and approved by the health center’s governing board through a board resolution.

HRSA’s most recent Policy Information Notice (PIN) concerning governance is a valuable tool. HRSA PIN 2014-01; January 27, 2014; Health Center Program Governance
  • Outlines statutory and regulatory requirements regarding the structure and functioning of governing boards for all Health Center Program grantees and look-alikes
  • Clarifies board requirements for public centers under co-applicant arrangements 
  • Details the requirements for HRSA approval of a governance waiver for the 51 percent patient majority requirement.

Other available resources related to health center governance:

MyNACHC has several other publications and webinars dedicated to health center governance and board training. Creating a MyNACHC account is free.