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Continually Working to Increase the Value of PACHC Membership

PACHC Preferred affinity relationships are a win-win for both members and the Association. 














PACHC offers a variety of member benefits that have been developed in response to member need identified through survey, discussion and feedback.  The PACHC Membership Committee regularly evaluates additional services that may be of value to the membership.  These PACHC Preferred affinity relationships are a win-win for both members and the Association. 


Alliant Employee Benefits (formally Sagewell Partners)

Alliant Employee Benefits provides benefits consulting services that support the full spectrum of health and welfare programs and is one of the largest disability and life consulting firms in the United States. Alliant Employee Benefits also provides vendor assessment, RFP management and support, contract development and management, and a variety of human resource consulting and support services in addition to workers comp and property and casualty insurance.

David Cross
Director Business Development


CommonWealth Purchasing Group (CPG)

CommonWealth Purchasing Group (CPG) is a group purchasing organization (GPO) founded in 1998 by the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers. CPG has partnered with PACHC since 2004 to provide deep discounts and savings opportunities on supplies and services members use every day. Today, CPG harnesses the purchasing power of over 650 member organizations nationally to provide savings and exceptional customer service through its portfolio of over 70 vendors.

The Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers is proud to partner with CommonWealth Purchasing Group, LLC., to offer CPG’s community health focused group purchasing program to PACHC’s members. CPG provides PACHC members with cost effective and operationally beneficial solutions through national suppliers and service providers to ensure the members are receiving the best possible price and customer service.

For a free assessment and to learn more, contact Julie Korick, PACHC's COO/CFO.


Fix Healthcare Technology (Fix HT)

Fix Healthcare Technology (Fix HT)  is a healthcare technology and process automation company located in the Lehigh Valley. Their premiere service, RetroCAID Tracking™, has recovered millions of dollars in retroactive Medicaid payments for more than 900 healthcare facilities in 30 states.  Acting as a safety net, RetroCAID-Tracking™ provides daily tracking of self-pay and sliding fee encounters and immediately alerts the health center the moment an encounter becomes retroactively reimbursable through Medicaid or an MCO within the state.  Each encounter is tracked for the full length of its respective timely filing period to ensure no retro-eligible opportunity is missed.  The service is 100 percent contingency based, provided on a month-to-month agreement basis and requires no software installation or integration.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this new service or would like more information, contact Howard Archer.