Pennsylvania Association of

Community Health Centers

Supporting Pennsylvania's health centers in increasing access to quality primary health care for all

Providing the Highest Quality Primary Care

Health centers provide wellness, prevention, and chronic disease care for their patients.

Physical health in primary care is the foundation on which all care for the patient is built. It encompasses preventive, chronic, and overall wellness in a patient-centered care model, and is critical for quality of life. It is the most visible of the various dimensions of health, to include social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and environmental health. 

Pennsylvania’s health centers provide integrated and encompassing care for the patients in their communities. PACHC is here to help provide the training and technical assistance to help keep health centers informed on new and developing models of care. Additionally, PACHC provides continuous surveillance of the clinical, quality improvement and health care environment, stays abreast of clinical trends, researches relevant topics, and disseminates pertinent information to health centers. 

PACHC also maintains close collaborations with the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Department of Human Services and other external organizations by participating on various stakeholder committees and connects health centers with various quality and health initiatives being implemented throughout the state.