Pennsylvania Association of

Community Health Centers

Supporting Pennsylvania's health centers in increasing access to quality primary health care for all

Providing Our Communities with Oral Health Care

Health centers invest in oral health and oral health integration to help patients achieve good overall physical health.

Today nearly 90 percent of Pennsylvania health centers offer oral health services in at least one of their sites. Implementing fully integrated and collaborated models of medical-dental care in Community Health Centers increases access to oral health, significantly decreases the number of children and adults experiencing primary tooth decay, and facilitates early treatment, prevention, and education.  Integration and collaboration require an understanding of the governance, financial modeling, policies and procedures, operations and systems needed to achieve change. 

PACHC participates in these oral health initiatives:

The National Oral Health Integration and Innovation Network (NOHIIN) 

Funded by the DentaQuest Foundation, the NOHIIN network consists of 14 PCAs whose mission is to unify and empower a network of PCAs and safety net providers, engage stakeholders in advocacy for oral health as part of overall health, and strengthen the role of PCAs in supporting health centers to provide integrated models of person-centered care. NOHINN provides  resources, training and technical assistance to help grow oral health integration in health centers. This grant is an extension of the Strengthening the Oral Health Safety Net (SOHSN) initiative in which PACHC was one of the first five PCAs to participate. The SOHSN initiative addressed those challenges that health centers, as safety net providers, faced in providing comprehensive primary and preventive services to improve oral health and overall health of people who might not necessarily receive the care they require.  

The Pennsylvania Oral Health Collective Impact Initiative (POHCII)

The PA Oral Health Collective Impact Initiative is a partnership of: the PA Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (PA AAP); Pennsylvania Head Start Association (PHSA); Pennsylvania Coalition for Oral Health (PCOH); and the Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers (PACHC). These organizations have a shared vision to change the culture in and around oral health and oral health integration so that oral health is recognized as an essential component of overall health.

The Pennsylvania Coalition on Oral Health (PCOH)

The Pennsylvania Coalition for Oral Health is a diverse group of leaders from across the state that believes oral health is essential to overall health and wellness of all Pennsylvanians. By bringing together oral health advocates and professionals to share the best and most innovative approaches, PCOH serves as a dynamic, leading voice to improve oral health across the commonwealth.