Pennsylvania Association of

Community Health Centers

Supporting Pennsylvania's health centers in increasing access to quality primary health care for all

Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers

PACHC supports Pennsylvania's Community Health Centers in the mission to provide affordable, quality health care for all.

As the state primary care association (PCA), the Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers (PACHC) represents and supports the largest network of primary health care providers in the commonwealth. This network of health centers includes Community Health Centers  (FQHCs and FQHC Look-Alikes), Rural Health Clinics and other like-mission providers serving more than 917,000 patients annually at 330-plus sites in underserved rural and urban areas throughout Pennsylvania.

Since 1981, PACHC programs and services have supported health centers in their mission to improve access to affordable, quality primary care for all. A Board of Directors composed of Community Health Center chief executive officers governs PACHC. Our staff consists of professionals from various backgrounds that enable us to serve our members.

The following core functions are vital as we continually work to increase the value of membership and to support Pennsylvania’s Community Health Centers: 
Communication: Ensuring health centers are up-to-date through a weekly newsletter, current website content, frequent teleconferences and social media

Conferences and Education: Serving as the education resource of choice for our members by providing relevant and timely education and information shared through our Annual Conference, seminars, webinars, and printed materials

Financial and Operational T/A: Supporting health centers to increase access, enhance efficiency, effectiveness and exceptional service and visiting health centers to understand their unique challenges and environments 

Furthering the FQHC Brand: Working with our members and partners across the commonwealth and the nation to make sure the public and key stakeholders view FQHCs  as valued healthcare organizations.

Healthcare Quality: Supporting health centers in maintaining the FQHC reputation of comprehensive, high-quality care within a patient-centered care model, as well as effectively using data to quantify and benchmark

Legislative, Regulatory and Policy Advocacy: Offering knowledgeable, organized and energetic advocacy in Harrisburg and Washington D.C. on behalf of health centers 

Member Services: Supporting health centers in running the best organizations possible, working with a variety of Corporate Members and PACHC Preferred partners

Recruitment and Retention: Helping primary care providers find meaningful career opportunities and helping our members find staff, providers and leaders who will serve into the future