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Jan. 4, 2019 Outreach and Enrollment News

Author: Amanda Tekely/Friday, January 04, 2019/Categories: Outreach News

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So What Does the Federal Judge ACA Ruling Mean?

On Dec. 14, a federal judge in Texas et. al. versus the U.S. ruled the entire Affordable Care Act (ACA) is unconstitutional because the law lacks a severability provision, meaning if one portion of the law (the individual mandate) is eliminated, the rest of the law is also voided. To be clear, this court decision does not affect 2019 Health Insurance Marketplace Enrollment or coverage. The Kaiser Family Foundation produced a Summary of Key Coverage-Related Provisions to highlight what is at stake, who will be affected and where public opinion lies should this ruling be upheld if it make its way through the appeals process to the Supreme Court.


Medicare Out-of-Pocket Cost Tool Available to Consumers

Whether consumers are covered through original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan, there are some costs and expenses that must be paid out-of-pocket. The actual out-of-pocket costs depends on the exact Medicare coverage consumers choose, their health care needs, prescriptions, and how often they need services. Medicare consumers can estimate their costs using this Medicare Out of Pocket Cost Tool and accessing this helpful Medicare Costs at a Glance chart.


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