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Throughout the year, PACHC organizes training and networking events that address a variety of Community Health Center needs. Our goal is to enhance health centers’ competitiveness and success. We want to help increase your ability to respond to and evolve with the changing healthcare environment. Learn more about these training and events below:

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Rites of Passage: Culture of Recovery/Recovery of Culture

Event date: 9/25/2019 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Export event

Rites of Passage: Culture of Recovery/Recovery of Culture

Wednesday, September 25 from 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Learning objectives:

  • Explore in depth exactly how cultural anthropology’s Rites of Passage model explains the transformation process and changes from non-drug/ETOH using individual(s) to severe substance dependent individual(s) with a breakdown of the various cultural worlds of America’s alcohol-dependent cultures to methamphetamine-dependent cultures.
  • Explore various recovery (from addiction) cultures and exactly how Rites of Passage rituals and the clinician create healthy change.
  • Understand Mark Ludholm’s “Freeway of Addiction” model exploring chemical “lanes” of addiction versus non-chemical “lanes” of addiction, as well as healthy addictions that can become a “way of life," or a "culture."

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