Pennsylvania Association of

Community Health Centers

Supporting Pennsylvania's health centers in increasing access to quality primary health care for all

Prevention and Treatment for the Well-Being of Our Patients

Our health centers provide access to behavioral health services including counseling and direction to those who are dealing with challenges like addiction, physical limitations and mental illness.

Behavioral health, which includes mental health and substance use disorders, is no longer separated from the body and is now part of a patient’s overall total health.  By integrating behavioral health services into primary care offices, one can increase access, quality, health outcomes and cost effectiveness of a patient's care and help to reduce the stigma associated with these conditions.  Close to 90 percent of Pennsylvania's Community Health Centers  offer access to this type of care through various models of integration.

As trusted healthcare providers entrenched in the heart of their communities, health centers are becoming actively involved with solutions for the rampant opioid use epidemic.  Several health centers directly provide Medication Assisted Treatment and collaborate with other drug & alcohol services in their community. 

Six Community Health Centers were chosen by the PA Dept. of Human Services to be Centers of Excellence (COE) to coordinate care and help ensure that Medicaid recipients with opioid-related substance use disorder stay in treatment and receive follow-up care and support within their communities. COE treatment is team-based and “whole person” focused, with the goal of integrating behavioral health and primary care. 

Behavioral Health Peer Networking Group - Coming Soon